Engagement: Sandra & Carlo

I tested out the Cowboy Studio 300w/s strobes at Carlo & Sandra’s engagement shoot yesterday. Three words– they didn’t disappoint. For a budget minded shooter, these are perfect if you need pro-like lighting and can’t afford Paul C. Buff’s stuff (and the like), haha. They came with two speed rings and two medium sized soft boxes (which were decent quality, though I ripped one of the support pole housings… I’m getting a replacement from Amazon). Everything just worked as it should, but I’ll say the strobes aren’t great for speed shooting (capturing action shots). It takes about 5 seconds to fully recharge each strobe to its maximum power and they tend to slow down after the 3rd consecutive shot using “Continuous High” on the D7000. This shouldn’t be a problem though if you are taking still life shots or portraits and I only ran into that problem taking the action shots when Carlo & Sandra simulated a pillow fight. Still worth the money!

But this post isn’t about reviewing the strobes so… I’ll stop here! This post is about Sandra & Carlo, a lovely couple set to get married this Sunday. The engagement shoot was pushed back to the 7th of February (yesterday) because Sandra wanted to get all the wedding-related photography done within a two week time span. Needless to say, we were able to work out a schedule for all three of us. We were initially going to shoot at the SLS Hotel Bar, but Sandra & Carlo decided it would be more cost-effective and personal if they instead rented a cozy suite at the same hotel. Afterwards, we traveled to The Getty in West Los Angeles to shoot there for an hour. We were only able to get a few shots before the cloudy skies brought the sprinkles. Taking pictures in the rain would’ve been fun; sadly it was more of an annoying mist than it was rain.

Here are a few we took from yesterday! Click them to see the larger versions.

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    1. by Sally Mendoza

      Perfectly done, for a perfect couple! Congratulations!

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