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There aren’t many wheat fields in Southern California, and the few that are here are located at least 80 miles away from downtown Los Angeles.  While I was passing through Diamond Bar, CA running errands, I was lucky enough to notice a patch of wheat-like fields located in the distance.  Little did I know that patch was just the tip of the iceberg!  My buddy and I ventured up the highway pass towards the field and we were greeted with what looked like fields of amber grain.  Since Jhoanne wanted a field type photoshoot, I knew that we had to use this place.

While the lighting conditions weren’t ideal (the sun was at the 12 o’clock position halfway through the shoot), we managed to get some great shots.  I’ll admit, I wish it was early morning (or late noon) when we did this so I can get some haze in the pictures.  I’m still happy with the turnout though!

  • Engagement: Fred & Grace
    Engagement: Fred & Grace

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  2. by Sarah

    exactly where is this place? the pictures are beautiful! my friend and I have been wanting to do a field type photo shoot as well! It would be greatly appreciated if you gave me the directions to this place !

    • Hey Sarah! Thank you for the compliments, I truly appreciate it :). The fields are out in Chino Hills, CA. I will shoot you an e-mail with the details :].

      • by Tim yu

        Can I get details about the location too? I’m from diamond bar as well and need some field shots.

        • by Aarezo

          Hiiii do you think you could send me the info of the place also?? Me and my friends have been dying to do a shoot at a place like this :))

          • by Lawrence

            I was looking for a place just like this in that area. Could you please send me the details also. Thanks

  3. by Amy

    My sister would love to know about this place, can you send me the location? Thank you ~!

  4. by Ayana


    Would you please email me the location as well. I live right by Chino and have been looking for a field just like this to shoot in.
    Thank you so much and great job on the photos! I’m very impressed.

    • Hi Ayana! Just wondering if you received the e-mail. Let me know, thanks!

  5. by Jesse

    Nice! May I have the location details as well? Also, do you happen to know where I might be able to find a tree swing? Thank you!

  6. by AHarr

    The field looks awesome. If anybody knows anything about taking pictures there and if it costs anything, could you please respond on here or better yet, through Thank you!

  7. by Stacey

    Hello! These photographs are absolutely gorgeous, I also live not too far from that area and am looking for a field location like this. I would also greatly appreciate if someone could give me the exact directions to this photoshoot location. My email is Thank You!

  8. by Jeffrey Johnson

    Please email me also with the directions!!!! I am a college student who is shooting a film in a wheat field type area and this place is PERFECT!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!

  9. by Desiree

    Hi! could you email me where this location is as well?? love these pictures and have been dying to do a shoot like this!

  10. by lydia

    I just came across your blog and your work is awsome!! I love love love the wheat-like fields, its gorgeous!! Can you tell me where exactly it is in diamond bar/chino hills??
    Thank you!!!

  11. by Irwin Nhan

    This is awesome! I was wondering if you could give me the directions to these fields!

    My email is

  12. by Tracy Ip

    Hey Stephan! These are so so wonderful! Could you also send me an email of directions to these fields as well?
    thank you so so much!


  13. by Alex

    Nice shots. Can I get the location as well? Thanks!

  14. by priya parikh

    hi! could you email me the details of where this location is? i’d really appreciate it!

  15. by Habibi

    amazingly beautiful. Can I have the details of the location as well please? Thanks!

  16. by Lindsay Dahm

    Gorgeous!! Looking for a place for a maternity photoshoot …. would you please email the directions out to be too? Thanks so much!

  17. by Kimberly

    Hey guys this is in chino hills state park

  18. by josh

    great shots! what would be the directions to get here? If you can just comment below or email

  19. Hello, mind sending me the details where exactly this place is located? Thank you in advance!

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